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Monday, February 25, 2008

My ideal Lover

Before mating with him.. I've enumerated out the requirement
Knowledgeable, know everything better than I am, cleverer than I am, better command of english than I am..

But seems I am not qualified to meet a perfect one. Because I am not perfect at all, how can I expect i have a perfect bf right? Else, everyday i lost my confidence in front of him too, and he would say i am not matching him someday.. why should I suffer myself, right?

So, I met my dear today..
He is ain't perfect at all.. same with me.. he is not so good at direction and geography
he is not concern abt politic.. missed twice to vote for election
He is not good in english conversation
He only know to say yes in front of my parent..

Love ain't blind.. at least i think i was not blind.. I choose to use a scope to enlarge his shortcoming.. And also mine...
and I found.. because i ain't perfect and he is not too..

-ve + -ve = +ve?? I hope so..

But.. he loves me, dote on me, take care of me every weekend we meet and during the trip
His pay is higher than I am, he is better in math than I am, he has healthy hobby,
he is taller than I am.
I dunno how should I measure and wonder how am i so sure.. nth will change?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Made a pizza today~

A Successful 1..hihi

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My friends

I am not sure what's the definition of friends. Just realise they are getting lesser and lesser after graduated.
I am not kind of people who likes to socialize much especially if it was related to money..
so I guess I am getting unknown among the old friends :)

I admit I am that kind of ppl who can get along well with most of the ppl. But when come further.. they will find some obstacles if intended to invite me for some activities.. well, I am not good at games, jokes etc.. don't you feel bored to ask me out? I believe so..

Who can be my good friends, they are the ppl I am really treasured/cherish about. They are the ppl enlighting my life and unselfish to share.

When come back to the purpose of life: Yet, i am not aiming to become popular.. so doesn't matter how ppl look at me..

SO what am I grumbling about today? Beat me... :)

Monday, February 11, 2008


呵呵。。new year new hopes..




于是,在他们的支持下,又当上了fac queen, 争取到了course representative。。
顺顺利利毕业。。supervisor教了我很多东西,最后也拿到best presenter。之后,进入一间非常好的公司。



我一向来都知道。。要做什么事都要begin with the end in mind。。我也不害羞得去争取我要的一切



5)有心机。。必要时要带不同面具。。begin with the end in mind

subjected to update day to day..

CNY gathering..Love u frens!

It has been a long time, I never update the blog.

New year new hopes, new updates.. just finish my dinner gathering.

It was very warming together with the old schoolmates... Leeting, siangling, minghsian, xianli, weiyan, chunpei and jinghao..

It costs us about Rm47 per pax. It was reasonable and the dishes were unique and ingredients were fresh especially.. sashimi.. m98 for a plate with different kind of fishes.. I dunno what kind of fish were on the plate.. hehe..worried about getting stomachache tomorrow... :)

Leeting is really knowledgeable as she has very strong memory and received a lot of information. She was so curious about what she was eating. On the contrary, I was like not curious at all, eating without too much of concern.. This is something I need to improve myself, as i am so young, I should be observing and open my eyes for more.... STOP being ignorance.. I am not young anymore..
Fires up! Yzene!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bad hair day

Finally i went to perm my hair...
The hair stylist promised me to curl my hair naturally...
end up....the curl portion is indeed curly..
I can't even adapt my new look..
so to my family members.. my bro's comment more even hurt me..
auntie's hair! my mum's keep nagging why am i never make clear that what kind of hair style i prefer.. I did.. In fact, I am much worrier than others..
My money, my hair, my look.. All belong to me..
i feel so bad...
Now how i understand the feeling of $$ burnt..
i have pretty much of event ahead..
hopefully after i shampoo my haird the curl condition could improve..
I don't dare to go out now..
Can i work from home on Monday???

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Super Duper Hot


Thursday, August 09, 2007


I was so surprised...It is true..
Heard you are together with the most beautiful & sexiest lady in the office(in my and most of the men in office's ranking).
She is a capable planner, dress well, pretty. Recently just broke up with her ex
Is she the one you always look for?
I am giving you my best wishes sincerely although i never tell you personally.
I start wondering how you look on me last time before you tagged with her? I am not belittle myself.
I just curious why last time was me.... i start doubt were you treat every girl that good?

When i was told by others about your good news. I was a bit shocked that i was not the earliest batch to share it with you... Perhaps i was too busy or you are too awkward?
Actually i can feel the chemistry between both of you..
I wonder do i care about it?
At that moment, i was the best actress. I pretend like nothing happen...
The worst is i knew the guy who exposed this news to me know everything about you & me..
I said something bad about you.. sorry i don't mean it... I just too nervous...
I just too scared that the guy found something from my expression...
You know I like to pretend as strong lady rite?

I still keep the gift you gave me on last valentine day. The flower and a nice handicraft made by yourself.
You know I am easily get touched. The handicraft is still on my desk with your name removed.
I wonder how you feel when you know your name was not there.
You know I really like that handicraft rather than the flower.
However I have to keep this secret between us.
For your and my own good.
My decision is right.
And Finally you get the ONE!!

I wonder should i scrap it.. but i just can't bear to throw it away.
I don't dare to say the past memory with your admiration will be my sweet memory
But i admit, this is not a bad with someone like you to show me your concern especially when i am in bad mood.

Don't worry, my friend. I never blame U..
So don't avoid to look into my eyes when talking..
My eyes are small :) & friendly..
I give you my best wishes..
I pretty sure you will be happier with her~